PEP patient esthetic supported protocol is an app for Apple iPad

pep-dent pep-dent patient esthetic supported protocol is an app for Apple iPad.

patient supported esthetic protocol

What is pep-dent?

If you start using the PEP-app, you might get the impression, that this app answers too few or no questions at all. There is no Esthetic-Check-List nor a questionnaire nor anything similar.

That‘s right all that is missing. But this is exactly the PEP‘s success. Compiling and classifying the patients into Checklists or answering questionnaires will not consider their individuality, wishes and expectations considered enough. The patients will get labeled and conditioned. Those applications correlate and base usually on our acquired definition of esthetic rules. Digital Esthetic-Imaging-Programs are working and calculating on the same principles. Both, Checklists and digital engineering do not embrace the patient‘s individuality. This doesn‘t mean, of course, that the patient cannot hold up to our professional knowledge. The patients depend also on our support in esthetic matters. But very often the needs and wishes of our patients doesn‘t correlate with the acquired conceptions of the treatment-team.

To integrate the PEP-app into the planning- and treatment-process means to invest time. Time to listen to the patients and to sketch and document their wishes in a simple and comprehensible fashion. Time to admit emotions and to develop empathy. The patients are motivated to define their wishes and to participate essentially at the developing process of their reconstructions actively through the act of recording, scrutinizing and explaining. In the meantime the process remains cognitively comprehensible for the patients, so we will be able to produce a solution suitable for the patients as well as for the clinicians.

The initial idea, previous to the PEP-app, which was based „analog and on paper“ has been published and will give you further information.

PEP Patient supported Esthetic Protocol; European Journal of Esthetic Dentistry: 2013


  • This application is made for the whole field of restorative dentistry, dental technicians and other involved disciplines.
  • The PEP-dent is a new and unique application for the iPad, developed for the esthetic sensitive area of dentistry, especially for the demanding task of the reconstruction of anterior teeth.
  • The PEP-dent can be integrated in the established medical treatment process and aims to provide the patient with our professional support in functional and esthetic matters.
  • The PEP-dent attends and involves the patient through the whole process of the treatment, starting with the diagnostic process till the finalization of the reconstruction.
  • The PEP-dent is a new and unique tool, easy and patient based, for the interdisciplinary communication.
  • The PEP-dent motivates the patients to define their wishes and to participate active at the process of the development and decision.
  • The PEP-dent provides no esthetic Checklists, to avoid unification of the patient, but to acknowledge the facial physiognomy and uniqueness of each individual.
  • The PEP-dent is a protocol; it documents and shows circuits, contradictions and misapprehensions, because all alterations that have been developed with the patient will be forwarded to all treatment team members in words, sketches, photos and video, directly after each meeting.
  • The PEP-dent is a minimized form of communication between clinician and patient. But it’s simplicity allows that the patients may cognitive comprehend each single step of the treatment, to define their own thoughts and wishes and to realize them in the reconstruction.
  • The PEP-dent documents the selections of the color-shade and material, the shade recipe, created by the dental technician or dentist and also all color corrections are recorded. The same applies for the layering scheme of direct composite restorations.
  • It is almost self-explanatory and easy to apply in our daily work with the patients.
  • The protocol should be saved as PDF-file after the closure of the treatment and may be added to the patient’s medical history and could serve as quality assurance.
  • Suitable for both right and left hand.




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PEP patient esthetic supported protocol is an app for Apple iPad.

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